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Rare Earth is the proud sole importer and distributor of the Mereville incense range into Southern Africa. Mereville is located in the Auroville region in India where the local community live and work in harmony with nature. All the packaging of the products is derived from recycled paper and the manufacturers belong to the Fair Trade Organisation. None of the products are tested on animals and child labour is not used.

All of our ranges of incense are completely natural and free from toxins.The oils and ingredients are harvested from re-forested and local forest areas, indigenous herbs and flora-organic products without the need for certification.
The preparation of this natural incense is very simple.
The base is a carefully measured mix of powder extracted from the bark of tropical plants, diverse wood, sandalwood-from which the greatest part of the oil is extracted- and ground vegetable coal.
The base is mixed with water to form a paste which is then rolled on to a bamboo stick, dried and submersed in a compound of pure aromatherapy oils. No perfumes or artificial fragrances are used.


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